I hope everyone is enjoying the site.

If you would like to give feedback in the slack group that we can incorporate into the new site, click on the banner above.

Happy Hacking!

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I am sure everyone has seen the banner at the top of the page. We are working from the ground up on CTFlearn V2. You can check out the progress we have made on the backend here.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback regarding the quality of some problems. We are currently addressing the issue and will hopefully update you on that shortly.

We will be announcing some very cool updates regarding CTFLearn within a week or two, stay tuned!

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Hey everyone! Some may have noticed that the quality of some of the problems has fallen a bit. Comment below on how you think we should deal with this problem. Rating system, moderator review, or any other ideas you have! Happy Hacking!

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5000th user! Thanks everyone for sharing the site and using it. Greatly appreciated!

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Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying the platform. I just merged all the pull requests on github. If there any more bugs, feel free to make a pull request or comment the bug!

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CTFLearn was just published on my github. The code is anything but clean, but if anyone would like to contribute just make a pull request.

When bugs are found in the code, I will make a page thanking those who reported these bugs.

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I hope everyone enjoyed picoCTF! If you would like to see write-ups for most of the problems, check out these write-ups from my team: Th3g3ntl3man.

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Get ready for the best CTF ever. You can register for picoCTF here.

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How is everyone doing in EasyCTF? Comment your team name below!

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Get ready for EasyCTF
The website can be found here and registration is open! The competition kicks off on March 11

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What would you like to change about CTFLearn? This weekend we can develop or change just about anything. Any feedback is appreciated!

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Did you know that anyone can add a problem? Make a fun one and add it!

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EasyCTF Dates

Get hyped! EasyCTF will be running March 11 - March 18 according to their website. Here is their website and here is your flag: CTFLEARN{I_LOVE_FLAGS}

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There was a slight bug affecting the all problems page where some 'hidden' problems started showing up. Fix is underway.

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Welcome to our new site!

Comment your thoughts!

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